International users can easily change yards into meters.

Easy instructions on how to make a course. If you need help, we'll map it out for you.

Make it easy on yourself. First search for existing notes

Check the course to ensure proper hole and tee location.

1) Copying Notes

2) Creating a Course

3) Pinning Holes & Tees

4) Inputting Yardages

5) Confirming Holes

7) Dogleg Holes

5) Confirming Holes

Learn how to easily locate holes and pin tees.

Select your targets and what hazards you want to avoid.

11) Creating Your Golf Bag

Learn how to quickly enter tee box yardages.

9) Creating a PDF Yardage Book

Take advantage of the golf bag feature to dial in your distances.

13) Changing a Hole

4) Inputting Yardages

11) Creating a Your Golf Bag​                       13) Changing a Hole

12) Using Yards or Meters

6) Mapping Course Targets

Find an incorrect hole placement? Learn how to change it here.

1) Copying the Community's Notes

Important Tip on how dogleg holes are measured.

​6) Mapping Course Targets

7) Dogleg Holes

8) Creating Reminder Notes

9) Creating a PDF Yardage Book

10) Printing Your Yardage Book​

2) Creating a Course


8) Creating Reminder Notes

How to create your book for your round.

How to print your book for your round.


Extra Tips

3) Pinning Holes and Tees

Include reminders per each hole to ensure you score your best.

10) Printing Your Yardage Book

12) Using Yards or Meters