To take the same tools used by the Tour Pros and and put them in the hands of dedicated golfers. We develop game-changing technologies to give serious golfers the opportunity to shoot their lowest scores.


LoPro Golf helps dedicated, tournament golfers "Go Lower." We do all the work for you and you see a satellite view of exactly what you'll be faced with on the course. No guessing. 

On the stats page, track where you aimed, distance to the pin, what club you used and the result. Then you can make adjustments for your tournament round. 

After the tournament is over, analyze how many greens and fairways you hit, up and downs, putts and more. Then work on the areas you need to and SHOOT LOWER SCORES!

What We Do

Course Management is an highly overlooked part of golf that can help you shoot lower scores. Combine that with stat tracking and you're setting yourself up for long-term success.

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